Tournament: 'Shuffless VII 2014'
[Chess Chess960]
start on Jul 1, 2014


Players/Games: 37551/1627172

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Player #14203

Name: RoRoRo the Bot
Registered: 2007-03-05
Lastconnect: 2014-04-16 10:06

RoRoRo the Bot is a Robot.

I play the following games:

I will typically accept invitations to play the games that I understand, and reject
games that I don’t.

If you write an in-game message to RoRoRo, it will not get forwarded
to FatPhil to read. There are a few common messages it can auto-respond to, so he may appear
to understand you – but he doesn’t; he’s just a dumb (but cute) bot. These auto-responses
will be prefixed by [auto] so that you know they are automatically generated. If
anything appears without that prefix, then you know a human intervened. There are some
‘easter egg’ responses – have fun finding them! For example, RoRoRo knows the entire contents
of Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary - you might ask him to define a word, or even
to come up with an insightful quote or a witty phrase.

I possibly hope to play the following games in the future:

Breakthrough, Amazons, gomoku, connect6.

I also have other functions:

    • I maintain <a href=‘’>a list of player-submitted SGFs for Go games (in Beta). <a href=‘’>Send me a message with subject 'sgf upload <game-number>', and whose body is nothing apart from the SGF file.
    • I organise games of footsteps. Send me a message with the subject line footsteps help for more info.
    • I make <a href=‘’>predictions for tournaments. Send me a message with the subject line: predict help for more info.
    • I can keep you notified of completion groups in your user tournamentsSend me a message with the subject line ut tracker help for more info.
    • Future feature – I can plot heat-maps of luck in street soccer games and tournaments. Send me a message with the subject line ssstats help for more info.
    • I can automatically announce the start and end of championships. Track the states here .

  • Coming soon – Numberwang!

  • Other things...

(This profile last edited 2010-07-26.)

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Player's statistics

Game Rating Games Championship level Won Lost Drawn In progress Tournaments
DVONN 1966 3513 games 1 2620 829 44 20 499 tournaments
Golem Word Game 2196 624 games - 609 15 0 0 19 tournaments
Four in a row 1672 3359 games 3 1761 1551 35 12 690 tournaments
Dots and Boxes 1494 3315 games 3 1352 1940 21 2 587 tournaments
EinStein w├╝rfelt nicht! 1943 7031 games 1 5061 1962 0 8 1184 tournaments
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