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Scientists divisions
  • KPT at 2011-05-31

    Hi. I have created a few teams in differents games called “Scientists”. The Idea it was just helping for promote the Teams here on LG. Of course i'm not a real scientist, (the name ocurred to me joking about the TwixT philosophers ).

    The Team was made for players who love a game, and are in an endless process of learning. Not pretending to “Kick Ass!” and be The BEST team in the world, but aim to give a good competition. If you want to Lead a Scientists division in other game, just send me a message. You can find more information in my profile

    At the moment exist:

    Amazons Scientists

    Dots Scientists

    Twixt Scientists

    Loa Scientists

    Hex Scientists

    As you can see, im not very good in these games. I created the teams because i like these games.

    I hope other players will be motived to create their own teams, and who knows, maybe and Antagonist team of the Scientists.

  • KPT at 2011-05-31

    maybe someone can create the “philosophers divisions”.

  • Marius Halsor at 2011-05-31

    If you invite me, I' like to be a member of the Dots and Hex teams. My card says “scientist”, but I guess it's up to you to define what a “REAL” scientist is. Most days it feels like I'm not… :-)

  • richyfourtytwo at 2011-05-31

    Dots and Hex for me too.

  • klaashaas at 2011-05-31

    Amazons, please:)

  • maraca at 2011-05-31

    Hi scientists, we could still use some TwixT players for this game, no worries you can still be a scientist, you don't have to join the philosophers to participate, I just didn't expect there will be a 2nd team and used it as list for the participants :)

  • somar96 at 2011-05-31

    I'd like a LOA and Dots invite if possible :)

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-05-31

    kpato, you come up with the coolest pictures for your teams!

  • richyfourtytwo at 2011-05-31

    Our scientific Chilean leader has asked my to start a Hex19 team. I thought 'Why me?' and then 'Why not?'

    So we have Hex19 for scientists now too. After all, science has the final goal to understand everything, and Hex19 was part of everything last time I looked!

    Every request to join that comes in the right scientific spirit will be rewarded with an invitation.

  • KPT at 2011-05-31

    @Marius Halsor done

    @klaashaas done

    @Carrol done

    @somar96 done

    @Ray Thanks!

    @Maraca Thanks for the invitation, we will se what happen. It will be great to participate with you. Hey Maraca, what if u create some Philosophers division in other games?

    @Richyfourtytwo Totally right R42, I have a different flag for Hex19, sendme your email and i will send you the variant flag if you want. (it only a different red)

    Everyone is welcome, the only requirements are love the game and pretend to be better!. And of course be and Active player of LG. if possible not exceed the 6 or 8 players. After that, the applicants must to do and exam.

    Greets Scientists

  • KPT at 2011-05-31

    A new division was created:

    Hex19 Scientists : Leaded by richyfourtytwo

  • maraca at 2011-06-01

    @kpato thanks, I will form a loa Philosophers (or astronomers because of the black hole) team in autumn if it wasn't done by then, I think there are more suitable players. First I have to get some experience.

  • KPT at 2011-06-01


    still left leaders for the

    Go,Chess,Gomoku,Connect6,WYSP,GWG,OSKI,SSTT,havannah,DVONN,4ir,Break,Reversi, and Shogi Divisions.

  • KPT at 2011-06-09

    New Scientist divisions were created!:








    For more info, check my Profile.

    Still left Captains for the:

    Gomoku,Connect6,WYSP,GWG,OSKI,SSTT,Havannah,DVONN,4ir, Reversi divisions

  • HayashiMinoru at 2011-06-09

    could I join the EWN team, please?

  • Hjallti at 2011-06-09

    I created a scientist division for Reversi10 as well.

  • Hjallti at 2011-06-14

    And for the reversi scientists

  • Pessoa at 2011-06-14

    can I be part of the scientists for HEX? I'm currently an engineer student, I'll fit right in :)

  • Hjallti at 2011-06-15

    I guess you should message Richy for that, if he didn't invite you yet.

  • KPT at 2011-06-15

    New Scientists division were created!:

    Gomoku (captain Diamante)

    Rev8 (captain Hjallti)

    Rev10 (captain Hajllti)


    Still left captains for:

    C6, WYSP, GWG, OSKI, SSTT, Havannah, DVONN, 4IR divisions

    PS. Apply to the Go9 Scientists SOON!

    The Team Tournament will start any moment!

  • Pessoa at 2011-06-15

    Hjallti, I can try to do my best in reversi 8 and 10…

    richyfourtytwo, I can also be part of the 19 Hex

  • KPT at 2011-06-15


    It is your responsability to invite players too.

    the lg players will not make a queue to join your teams

    i say especially for Go9,Chess, and Rev10

    because in this games, the tournament will start soon.

  • KPT at 2011-07-31

    Cheers Scientists.

    Please, Scientists leaders.

    Fill your teams, specially in the games that the tournament it will start soon.


  • babyruth at 2011-11-06


    though i am not a scientist, i registered in this tournament to experience how to play oski with the scientists and to know the feeling by playing with them… though admittedly am just a newbie in this game…

    so, all i can say is good luck to me then and will having fun in playing to you all guys… i mean scientists…

  • Smoores at 2012-04-14

    I heard that end of world user tornament u put on and I find it stupid that the “world will end” which it won't because there is no real proof and stupid tht people believe such a dumb thing

  • KPT at 2012-04-15

    are u afraid?

  • christian freeling at 2012-04-15

    Actually there _is_ real proof the world will end :)

  • ypercube ★ at 2012-04-15

    Yeah, just read a Douglas Adams book. The one about a restaurant has the real proof I think :)

  • erratic at 2012-04-16

    The “millenary” prophecy is thirty years old now and was invented by a “Mayan” named Robert J. Sharer's just to sell books, but that's not what I find the weirdest about it.

    What fascinates me is how can some people believe ancient civilizations possessed some knowledge we ignore nowadays. If a cat sleeps near a heat source, they conclude that the cat has discovered the laws of Thermodynamics. If someone in the past used the shadow of a stick to draw a straight line, they conclude he was a great astronomer. Not only they ignore pretty much everything, but they have a magical vision on how knowledge is acquired and how it transform civilization forever. A civilization can be explained by the science it has developed more than by anything else.

  • Hjallti at 2012-04-24

    @ erratic: The renaissance after the dark ages is still believed to have put an end to numerous misconceptions of the dark ages:

    Sun revolves around earth: wrong, earth goes around sun
    Gold can be made from other stuff: wrong

    These people believed to have more knowledge than before

    Nowadays knowledge shows:

    that both sun and earth can be consider the central point (relativity)
    Gold can be made from other stuff: nuclear fusion and nuclear split

    Knowledge is not always straight… it should not be considered to be only cumulating.

  • erratic at 2012-04-25

    Even if you are right in some points the argument is misleading ;-)

    Science is definitely NOT a restaurant menu where you can chose what you want. Like the people who believe in “science will change the basic facts later so we can make fast intergalactic travel feasible”. Intergalactic travel will be feasible, but it won't take less that millions of years. That is a limit to a cow or a human as the “astronauts”, but not to a machine billions of times smarter than a cow or a human transporting human DNA and protein for later use. Intergalactic travel is not against the laws of physics, Start Trek is.

    The truth is basic facts don't change. But scientist have misconceptions about things that are not established. When chemistry was established, scientists could be inclined to think “so atoms cannot be divided”. In fact they are, and that does not change the laws of chemistry at all. When nuclear physics were established, scientists could think “ok now I got it, protons and neutrons cannot be divided”. Wrong again, but nuclear physics is still ok. Same could be told about pre-relativist laws of motion (107 years after special relativity, it's about time to use the word “classical” for relativity), but the truth is Lorentz transformation confirms the laws of Newtonian physics, it just extends them to make them valid when v approaches c.

    If someone was ill-intentioned enough to say scientists today believe in wimps, and the whole idea ends up to be as speculative as “aether”. The conclusion is not “science is wrong” but “as of 2012 observed baryonic matter did not add up to the amount required to explain galaxy formation, so scientist speculated about nonobserved, nonbaryonic matter.”

    But my argument was more about technology than about science. Technology gives civilizations a military, civil engineering and travelling advantage that makes them the invader rather than the invaded.

  • Hjallti at 2012-05-02

    Of course you are right, and I do tell my students when I have the time and the right angle, that Newton was not right but ‘right enough’ as you have slow big objects.

    (((In dutch: “trage grote voorwerpen” which I then shorten to TGV, which in flandres and France is the common abbr. for the fast train (train de grande vitesse) which is must be pun only in flandres as I come to think of it.)))

    But as much as I know of science (I have a PhD after all) I never got the feeling or conviction to be superior to ancient people due to that knowledge. Of course I would be surprized if someone would find evidence they did know something that was only found out in our culture past 1900 because that would be unbelievable. Except maybe when they would have better notation/conceptualization of something. (Even now there are still countries where they use strange measurement systems (foot/yard/pound/…) or non-phonetic transcriptions (like english) …

  • shinnosuke at 2012-05-04

    I'd like to join the Dots team if possible. (Sorry for interrupting the discussion)

  • KPT at 2012-10-27

    The End is NEAR!!!!!

    Apply to your local Scientist team! Do it Now!!!
    We still need some captains in some divisions!!
    hurry up

  • Hjallti at 2012-11-18

    Where is the TEAM link? It seems to be dissapear

  • KPT at 2012-11-18


  • mungo at 2012-11-18

    Here is the link to “TEAMS”:

    But it is gone from the left side menu

  • Hjallti at 2012-11-22

    that was what I meant

  • KPT at 2012-12-04

    According to our studies (Scientist Clanbase)
    The end is comming this 21th.

    But if we are wrong, we are going to do big Party!!
    and we will celebrate with the biggest championship ever.

    The EOW Championship (First Edition)

    Jump in to the Championship, join to one of our Scientist divisiona, and Run for your life or be safe with your love ones

  • KPT at 2019-08-03

    This was such a good idea!!!

    Richard, bring back the teams and the team tournaments :(

  • Hunter C at 2019-08-05

    If there are gonna be team tournaments, sign me up for  an Amazons  team.

  • Dvd Avins at 2019-10-09

    I liked them too, but the ability for one player to play all the boards and be a “team” detracted from it. If it ever comes back, I hope every board in a match has to be covered by a different player to avoid a forfeit.

  • mungo at 2019-10-12

    Yes, I liked the teams too. But I wonder if there are enough active players to make the team tournaments work

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