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14 years
  • klaashaas at 2017-07-20

    Finally... I won my second championship on littlegolem! :-) It took me 14 years.

    The first championship I won was the Reversi championship. This was before the players with unhuman powers entered the championship. My second championship is the Tzaar champtionship. The (undisputed) best Tzaar player on littlegolem (SlowBrain) somehow lost 2 games and I was tied with MRUNBEATABLE, but thanks to the tiebreaker (Son), I can wear the honorable symbolic crown for a couple of months... ...and then wait another 14 years for my 3rd championship title?:)

    Tzaar is part of the Gipf serie (like Dvonn). It’s a fast and very dynamic game. And it has its share of drama (getting chased/captured and hard to spot, game-changing moves). The opening is hard to grasp (for me). It’s about mobility, that’s for sure. The endgame is one great tactical puzzle. Very challenging.

    In my opinion, Tzaar is one of the best games. I invite you all to try Tzaar and play in the Play more Tzaar! tournament. Thank you!

  • ypercube at 2017-07-20


  • unique at 2017-07-20

    I second that emotion

  • Austral at 2017-07-21

    Congratulations ! !!

  • passenger at 2017-07-21

    Congratulations! I know the feeling. Recently I won my first championship on LG after almost 14 years (on and off) of playing here. When I started I was still a teenager, so I basically grew up on this site:)

  • z at 2017-07-21


    It took me six years to win my first championship (Polyomino #2), which only happened because the formidable Florian Jamain didn’t participate at that time. It’s likely that my chance to win another championship won’t occur until LG introduces a new obscure game :)

    And I agree with you that Tzaar is amazing and dramatic. In a typical game, I still have no idea what I’m doing for the initial dozen moves.

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