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  • z at 2020-11-11

    Hi, I’d like to share a game that I recently ported from Flash to HTML5 and made it mobile-friendly:

    The objective is to align five or more same-colored tiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Get as many points as possible before the board is filled up.

    Have fun and let me know your thoughts!

  • Rbpompeu at 2020-11-13

    Hey, nice game eh!!! I’ve played  twice. Need more time to give u a feedback, but the first impression was very positive!!!

  • Florian Jamain at 2020-11-13

    Very funny, it’s like 2048 game, I mean same sort of games.

  • KPT ★ at 2020-11-13

    I liked! i keep trying, but my record is 220...Seems there is a lot that im not getting hahaha

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