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Suggestion: Chess960 Championships and Monthly Cup
  • Ralf Schoenfeld ★ at 2021-02-09

    Hi there!

    I miss this features, and to play infinite cup is only one game in the present.

    How can this get startetd?

    Have fun on littlegolem :)


  • Ralf Schoenfeld ★ at 2021-11-17

    Join now to the first Chess960 Championship!

    We need 20 people to start them, be proudly part of this historical event ;-)

    Chess960 was created by Bobby Fisher ans is a brilliant training for your brain.

  • brzy at 2021-11-19

    Do all the games in the tournament start from the same position?

  • Ralf Schoenfeld ★ at 2021-11-20

    No. To create a new game will use a randomiser for each game.

    Fantastic, 12 players are signed in…

  • Ralf Schoenfeld ★ at 2021-11-21

    18!! :) looking for 2 other iron chess players….

  • Ralf Schoenfeld ★ at 2021-11-27


    Only 1 player! :) come on…

  • Ralf Schoenfeld ★ at 2021-11-28

    20 !! Great!

  • Carroll ★ at 2021-11-29

    21, should I leave my place to someone?

  • ypercube at 7 hours ago

    The championship has started!

  • Dvd Avins at 50 minutes ago

    And re-started. I think only 1.1 started without the other sections yesterday, so all the games were cancelled (some of them had several moves played) and the tournament started again today.

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