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11 Goals!
  • Ricardo (Santos) ★ at 2009-10-14

    Just played a game with 11 goals! Anyone know what the highest score is so far...?


  • Marius Halsor at 2009-10-14

    I won 7-5 in this game: http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/game/game.jsp?gid=1084025. However, I think people probably have won 12-0 and 13-0 over the infamous Hot Sync Karen back when she played Soccer here :-)

  • bloke at 2009-10-14

    Here is a 16-0 spanking of Hot & Sync & Karen.
    This one is only 14-0.
    You may browse some more fun stuff here

  • jim O at 2009-10-14

    This is unbelieveable! i cant believe this.. NO ONE can be this bad, is this possible?! does anyone know if she was actually NOT trying to let these goals in??!!! because i tell you ,if these games werent rigged, shes almost genius bad, I mean , her badness is greater than any players GOOD that ive seen, if you know what i mean......

  • jim O at 2009-10-14

    im not berating(think thats how its spelt) her. i just think its kind of intersting. what shes thinking on her moves. Of course, assuming that shes not losing on purpose.....aaagh

  • Marius Halsor at 2009-10-14

    It’s obviously hard to tell for sure. Karen might just be a person who had fun playing bad. But if so, then she surely did so in every type of game she played. Personally, I believe she actually IS – or WAS that bad a player, but it really is hard to say for sure. I suppose if you make a computer play random, legal moves, you WILL actually do slightly better against such a bot than against Karen – but only slightly...

  • Steven Pedlow at 2009-10-14

    Personally, I applaud Karen for continuing to play for fun when she was always losing. Who has the strength to do that? Take a look at her title page for some of her personal details.

  • FatPhil at 2009-10-14

    Indeed. I think Karen demonstrated the “it's not the winning that's important” spirit. Maybe to quite an extreme. Perhaps there was something aesthetically appealing to her about her moves (I know I do that in othello, which is why I’m not so hot (sync) at that game). She just wanted to play, no-one should begrudge her that.

    There was a point at which I was completely convinced that I was the single worst twixt player on the site – but I still kept occasionally signing up despite that. (But maybe that was just me needing to verify that I was still as bad as I thought I was, and having to watch the train-wreck.)

  • Marius Halsor at 2009-10-14

    I agree. If Karen wasn’t someone just making fun of us by playing bad, she certainly displayed the spirit all gamers should: It’s more important to play and have fun, than to win. One should keep playing even if one keeps losing. And in my experience, she never held up any tourneys either, but usually replied rather fast.

  • bloke at 2009-10-14

    Actually, Karen did not play that many matches. She lost a lot of games (a bit more than one third of hers) by not finishing them. So her passion for playing did evaporate eventually. For me it is clear that she was playing here not to master the games but to make friends. And that did not work out. So, most likely, it was no fun at all for her.

  • jim O at 2009-10-14

    hmmn...yeah. that last comment makes the most sense. Either way though, she is endearing to me too......

  • Carroll ★ at 2009-10-15

    I enjoyed Karen and miss her for:

    Her free speech, and the way she liked to stress her sayings in capitals so anyone could read it (she once explained it was easier for her to read it too),

    Her humour : www.redstateupdate.com/video/the-meaning-of-the-word-fuck

    Her hacking capabilities on the Palm and always good advices to friends : www.pdastreet.com/forums/showthread.php?p=216290

    Her love for playing any game,

    Her love for music,

    Her nice photo (selected among “beautiful people” topic with just 1 point less than Penelope Cruz : www.littlegolem.net/jsp/forum/topic2.jsp?forum=200&topic=148)

    Karen, please come back and invite me as one of your fans to a few games on LG!

  • jim O at 2009-10-15

    what a lovely smile!

  • ypercube ★ at 2009-11-07

    Another game with lots of goals: game 1105059.

    This was a friendly game. Nonetheless, it was a fair game with a lot of (properly used) 6’s :)

  • ypercube ★ at 2009-11-07

    The previous game is not with Karen, by the way.

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