after more than 10 years: 2000 Dots and Boxes

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after more than 10 years: 2000
  • richyfourtytwo at 2016-09-10

    Compared the an average person of the general population I seem to be somewhat talented for strategy games. Compared to all the gifted people on this site, I’m mediocre at best. In ConHex I am struggeling to stay ahead of SYSTEM rating-wise. :-)

    I always admired the guys who have ratings above 2000 in multiple games. Well, I still do. 2000 is just an arbitary numer, but still it always seemed like a magical number to me. One I was certain I could never reach in any game, not even in chess in spite of being an OTB club player.

    Well, today – after more than 10 years on this site – I did reach 2000 in dots and boxes, a game that I first came across on this site. It’s hard for me to believe. (And I doubt I will stay there for long.)

    Let me take this opportunity to thank Richard for this site and all of you incredibly nice and intelligent people here for playing. (Let’s not talk about the very few non-nice people today!)

    A special thank you goes to Hjallti. Winnig against him pushed me over 2000 today. By coincidence , he (if I recall correctly) was also the one who introduced me to the chain rule, thereby enabling my journey up to higher rating regions.

  • z at 2016-09-10

    Congratulations! A 2000+ rating is no small feat.

    I hope my online tool at <a href=“”></a> can help you further improve your winning rate.

  • _syLph_ at 2016-09-11

    Yeah, well done! :)

  • shinnosuke at 2016-11-13

    Congrats! We’ve played a few games together (I prefer to say it in this way rather than “against each other”)

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