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Resign game equals resign match.
  • Abigail at 2006-03-18

    Today in the second game of a match, I used the ‘resign game’ button. We both had one stone left, there was no possibility of hitting the opponent, and it was clear my opponent would reach his corner before I did. Hence, I wanted to resign the game so we could continue with the next, without having to moves that require no thought at all.

    Unfortunally, “resign game” meant “resign match”.

    Richard, could you either change the wording to “resign match” or make that “resign game” resigns the game, not the match?

  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-20

    If I remember correctly, a few years ago when I was regularly playing backgammon over at It’s Your Turn, they had something similar. If a player was invloved in a match, they weren’t able to resign just a single game... resigning meant resigning the entire match.

    I remember hating that as others did. Not sure if they ever did fix it or not.

    I agree, ideally a player should be able to resign an individual game and not the match. If that’s not possible, at least change the wording so a player will know that resigning this game will also result in resigning the entire match.

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