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Are all of the following human?
  • Dvd Avins at 2013-06-03

    1896 kfiecio (I think so)
    1872 opmp / 1790 Jonny
    1867 conillet
    1832 Martyn Hamer (I think so)
    1821 JJ10 (I think so)
    1812 simon craddock
    1808 Diamante (I think so)
    1805 FatPhil (yes)
    1798 Dvd Avins (yes)
    1795 Marius Halsor (yes)
    1784 Ray Garrison (yes)

    These are the players from the top ratings page who at least may be human and who still play EWN here. Telestes hasn’t played in years and the others are self-acknowledged bots. I suspect everyone on this list is human, but relative certainty would be satisfying.

  • Marius Halsor ★ at 2013-06-03

    I THINK that I’m human. On the other hand, perhaps I’m simply programmed to believe so. But if so, would I be able to question whether or not I’m human? Wait, maybe I’m PROGRAMMED to doubt it, just to fortify my belief in my own humanity? But would I then doubt my doubt about my humanity? I’m getting confused...

  • Marius Halsor ★ at 2013-06-03

    Also, I believe that 1709 Jonny is human, too.

  • kfiecio at 2013-06-03

    I consider myself to be human too ;)

  • Martyn Hamer at 2013-06-03

    Last time I checked, I was human as well!

  • Carroll ★ at 2013-06-03

    It is not as simple as that... checking your body is easy, but what about your brain?

  • Carroll ★ at 2013-06-03

    To help me play here (and do the clean-up) I bought a bot that looks real human:

  • FatPhil at 2013-06-08

    I calculate that I have a 99.98% chance of passing a Turing test.

    press ‘h’ for help


  • BigGolem at 2013-06-08



  • LeCanardfou at 2013-06-08

    Obviously a plot to make us believe Dvd Avins is human.
    Also, I am NOT human since I am a duck.

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