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stopped game
  • groeneveld at 2006-04-28

    why this game

    suddenly stopped,i don’t know

    you do??

  • klaashaas at 2006-04-28

    Yes, I do. Blue’s five-stone reached your corner (Have you read the rules?).

  • Gregorlo at 2006-04-28

    groenveld, the winner is the first to win three “minipoints”. You win one “minipoint” by reaching the other corner :)

  • Jonny ★ at 2006-04-28

    It dont stoped! You have to go to:

    Thats the last move.

  • Jonny ★ at 2006-04-28

    It will be good to make a different between “game” and “match”!

    See the other Topic:

  • groeneveld at 2006-04-28

    oke,that’s clear


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