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Long games
  • beppi at 2006-03-15

    I think that this is quite a nice game, but the fact that a match could last 5 rounds make it uselessly long. Why not just one round? It would be as nice as now, but people would not starve on 100-moves-long games that are quite a lot for a light game like this one.

  • Abigail at 2006-03-15

    It’s a dice game, one round means that (un)lucky dice rolls play too much of a role. Making it best of three limits the role of the dice. It’s the same that backgammon is usually played for N points, N > 1.

  • shinnosuke at 2006-03-17

    In fact is “best of five”, which is the same as saying that the first player to win three games is the winner.

  • alain at 2006-03-18

    Non zero-sum games (luck of the deice type games), like Einstein and Backgammon, must be played as matches in order for them to be true games of skill. Backgammon played over n+2 games is more skillful than a match played n games, but you have to choose a reasonable number. In my opinion, n should at least 9 for Einstein and 5 is too small.

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