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score seem not fine...
  • kouvitch at 2006-03-15

    I mean that who won 3-0 a match game could have more rating point than a 3-2 winner.
    I think:
    3-0 ---> normal rating change
    3-1 ---> 2/3 normal rating change
    3-2 ---> 1/3 normal rating change

    for example, after a win: 1500 -> 1500 + 30 (-30 for looser, I presume)
    so normal rating change = 30.
    I suggest on a 3-2 win it became 10 and 20 for a 3-1 win.

    It’s also possible to extend this rule to tournaments points. So winners get 3 points and loosers get 0, 1 or 2.

    It’s only a suggestion but it seem to me more fine and not so hard programming...

  • Carroll ★ at 2006-03-15

    No I think the 3 point rule is only to balance luck.
    A 3-0 can mean you were lucky not that you played that well.

    You must think like a tie break in tennis.

  • guzik at 2006-03-15

    I absolutely agree with Carroll

  • Hjallti at 2006-03-24

    i also agree with Carrol... I just had a 4/9 chance to win a game 3/0, but now it is 2/1, while I think I played well enough to get 3/0.

    It would be no technical problem to get the rating working different (K=32), and in fact it might be an idea...
    but 1. the rating is an estimate, should you take the trouble of getting there.
    but 2. what do you do then with the other games (apart from chess, and connect games) all other games also have ‘big’ and ‘small’ victories... should it also be different? In dots, reversi or go one might see a possibility to turn over a lost game, with as backdraw that if the opponent reacts the right way the win of the opponent is much bigger (let’s say dots game that should end 14-11 and you do this move with a chance of getting 12-13, but the opponent reads it well and you end up 16-9) should the rating then be different?
    but 3. I played some dots games where I should have won 19-6 or so, using the right tactic, but I prefferred to take the 13-12 which I got by doing the naive strategy because I didn’t want to spoil it for my opponent to find double-crossing himself :-)

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