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Blog on t-Go: a big fight in a recent game
  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2017-10-06

    I made a blog post about an interesting recent t-Go game vs Jos Dekker:


    Comments are welcome :)

  • apetresc ★ at 2017-10-10

    Woah, how did you get WGo.js to support toroidal go? Did you just add markup for the region and then manually duplicated the stones? Or is there some undocumented variant support?

  • Carroll ★ at 2017-10-10

    On another thread, Malcom wrote:

    "I would welcome feedback on this new article I’ve written: An introduction to toroidal Go.
    Also, I’ve made a tool for reviewing t-Go games from little Golem. It’s alpha software and provided on an “as is” basis: l

  • Carroll ★ at 2017-10-10

    Sorry Malcolm for the typos.

  • mmKALLL at 2017-10-10

    Went through the game, great fighting from both sides indeed. Interesting how the whole-board situation ended up being affected heavily by the toroidiality, despite the almost conspicuously normal initial moves!

  • gamesorry at 2017-10-11

    Interesting game indeed!

    I think if white-48 makes an atari at 49 first, white can win the battle (or at least black has to give up the 4 stones)

  • gamesorry at 2017-10-11

    (Oh if white-48 at original-game-49, black connects, then white-50 at original-game-50, then black cannot even sacrifice the 4 stones)

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2017-10-11

    Thanks gamesorry, I see what you mean; well spotted! I remember now that I noticed after playing 47 that White cutting at original-game-49 seemed too good for White. If White plays 48 as you suggest then I think Black has to lose at least two cutting stones; it seems good for White. So 48 was a mistake but so was 47 – I probably should have played the “shape” diagonal (kosumi/尖) move of at original-game-50. Then the position is unclear to me, but still seems better than in the variation you suggest.

    I’ll update the blog post at some point.

    apetresc, to get that effect I used quite a bit of my own javascript. My code firsts applies some transformations to the t-Go SGF, calculating which stones are removed at each move, and projecting moves on the t-Go board to the 19x19 board with wraparound and markup to indicate the “edge” of the 11x11 board ;  it then sends the result to WGo.js.

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2017-10-24

    Just for the record, I finally got round to updating the blog post.

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2017-12-21

    I reposted the same game on my blog, but this time with variations – I’ve made some improvements to the software so no it can handle displaying variations.

    I’ve also added a feature for “panning” the board.

    link to commented game

  • Sighris at 2017-12-25

    Re: / a-big-fight-in-t-go-game // How would you (Black) have responded if Jos Dekker (White) had played I-10 on move 46?  9-I? If yes, then what if Jos Dekker (White) had played J-10 on move 48? 

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2017-12-25


    I wouldn’t have played 9-I in answer to I-10; I would have played K8 instead in order to protect both cutting points.

    I’ve added this variation to the blog post.

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