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Playing out a line in iGo app: How to pass?
  • Dvd Avins at 2017-12-24

    Is it possible to pass when examining a line in iGo?

  • Sighris at 2017-12-25

    Which iGo app?  I would guess there is a pass button someplace.... BTW, why do you resign a game on your first move? (for 2 examples: and ??? 

  • Dvd Avins at 2017-12-25

    Back in 2014, I realized I did not have time to play games I had signed up for well before. I stopped playing anything but chess here for several years. I resigned a handful of games either immediately or, in a couple of cases, both sides made a few moves before I realized I had to withdraw from active play.

    I have also habitually resigned against obvious cheaters in chess, and on rare occasion against other players who were so much better than me that neither of us would get anything out of the match.

    I’m now in my first go games (9x9) since then, and noticed the iGo button at the bottom of the games. I use a PC not a phone here. The button takes me right to a web page that calls itself an app and has no help page and no way I can find to pass.

  • Sighris at 2017-12-29

    ooooh, that iGo app!  Yes, when you play a game of Go here on Little-Golem there are now two buttons at the bottom of the games, the EidoGo button and the iGo button, and both allow you to analyze the game... and when I was using the iGo app/webpage to analyze a game I didn’t see a “pass button” either. Weird. When I used the iGo app/webpage to play a new game the “pass button” is on the bottom of the webpage... So if you want to analyze a Little Golem Go game I suggest you use the EidoGo button/webpage because it does have a pass button.  Another option is to download the SGF (TXT) file and use an SGF file editor, like CGoBan3 which is available for free on the KGS website, or you could load the SGF file into the OGS webpage/Go-Server and analyze it there. 

  • kubicle at 2018-02-03

    Mmm... When you are studying a game (not playing one) is there often a need to “pass”? Or is it to setup a position by adding more than one stone of the same color?

  • Dvd Avins at 2018-03-03

    Yes, to see if passing is safe.

  • kubicle at 2018-03-06

    OK, thanks, I will add it to next update (0.2.20)

  • kubicle at 2018-10-20

    Just in case someone reads this now, you can now pass by tapping the “...” button and choosing the “Pass” option.

  • Dvd Avins at 2019-02-08

    Thank you,

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