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Your games have been analyzed by stockfish?
  • Carroll ★ at 2018-11-17

    What is this new feature?

    I don’t know about a stockfish version for Go, isn’t it Leela, it’s estimation is quite near on the games where I had Leela to play.

    Also for chess, having the estimation of best network of Lc0 would be very nice.

    On what hardware have these estimations taken place?

    Is this feature for members only?

  • Rbpompeu at 2018-11-17

    I guess it’s just for members.

  • Sighris at 2019-01-22

    What does the feature do?  Maybe it will be good enough to push me into becoming a member. :) 

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-01-23

    To try to answer your question, Richard would be the one to answer, but he gave me a few elements:

    - for chess he is using Stockfish 9 and it takes about 2 hours,

    - for Go he is using Leela Zero (I don’t know which network) and it takes about 6 hours !

    Here are examples of displays you find as comments of your game,

    For 1st move:

    Analyze – Stockfish

    BEST MOVES52.54 31.03 %
    Avg. Diff1.011.68

    Worst moves:48.o2  39.22 -> 28.70%◎18.n17  51.21% -> 43.18%◎30.c13  41.51% -> 34.18%◉119.a1  93.68% -> 87.82%◎120.Pass  12.18% -> 6.39%◉121.Pass  93.61% -> 87.96%◎56.c12  27.06% -> 21.99%◎62.p12  23.28% -> 18.34%◎118.Pass  10.42% -> 6.32%◉37.h17  63.77% -> 59.99%◉25.e9  59.08% -> 55.51%

    And then on each move something like this:

    Best move: G4 Score: 51.71%
    Your move: E2 Score: 48.73%

    G4 51.71% G4 H3 H4 J3 J4 K3 C9 C11 E16 D14 C17 B17 D17 H16 E14 E13 F14 D15 D13

    C3 50.42% C3 D4 D5 C4 B4 B3 C2 E2 B2 B5 A3 E5 B6 E6 G4 H4

    G2 48.70% G2 H2 G4 G1 H3 J3 G2 C4 B4 B3 D4 C3 J2 G3 H4 K2 K3

    E2 51.04% E2 G2 C3 D2 C2 C1

    Richard also intends to add graphs, like the ones you get on Lichess

  • Crelo ★ at 2019-02-02

    How can be a blunder the best move?

  • Sighris at 2019-02-05

    Crelo, did you or brownale ★ cause this game to be analyzed? 

     - or in other words:  What made this game, in particular, get analyzed? 

    I’m sorry I can not yet answer your question (yet?), maybe there is no answer (other than to call it a blunder and “the best move” is an error), but hopefully somebody will have a good answer. :) 

  • William Fraser at 2019-02-05

    I think the quality of the move is off by one move from the move listed.

    Also, I think go has a few odd display issues, not related to the actual engine.

    Chess seems more stable/developed.

    But overall, I like this feature.

  • William Fraser at 2019-02-05

    A better explanation of my first sentence.  In the example given above, “Excellent” refers to the previous move, while “Best move: G4, Your move: E2” refers to the current move.

  • Crelo ★ at 2019-02-05

    @Sighris, brownale is a member, I am not, so probably he caused this analysis.

    @WIlliam Fraser, indeed, the excelent / blunder seems to refer to the previous move. This way it makes sense.

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