Star Wars Game of Empathy

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Star Wars
  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-17

    This expression would have a lot more challenging, and fun, if we would have been forced to think of expressions relating to Star Wars that DIDN’T INCLUDE the characters of the movie.

  • BIG BAD WOLF at 2006-03-17

    UGH – I totally bombed on Star Wars – only 180 points – 210 points behind the leader!

    I could have really took the lead in the 7 day board, which somehow I’m still first place even though I did pretty bad in this one. Think this will be my last day on top for awhile.... :-)

  • christopher at 2006-03-17

    Sigh Darth Vadar is two words, not one. So many points down the drain:(

  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-17

    Hi Christopher,

    The system removes all spaces so whether you typed in “darth vader” or “darthvader” (or even “DaRtHvAdEr” since all entries are changed to lowercase) won’t make a difference.

    I think your mistake was the spelling... it’s vader, not vadar.

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2006-03-18

    some people can’t spell BW

  • christopher at 2006-03-18

    Ah, I see, how careless of me. Thanks for clearing that up:)

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