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Ignore Punctuation?
  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-21

    Any comments or feelings on whether you feel the program should ignore all punctuation? (Question Marks, apostrophe’s, periods, etc.)

    Today the response “and you?” (with a question mark) received 3 votes while the response “and you” (without a question mark) also received 3 votes.

  • Bill Collins at 2006-03-21

    I think they should be ignored. I lost alot of points a while ago because of the whatisinyourpocketsrightnow? answer.

  • Bryan at 2006-03-26

    I agree, puctuation should be dropped. The game of Punctation Matching is a much less interesting concept.

  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-31

    On a similar note, I’d also like to see the word THE automatically stripped from your entry as well. For example, the phrase “The rest of your life” would be an exact match with the phrase “rest of your life”. “The Adventures of Superman” would be the same as “Adventures of Superman”.

    Note: THE is only removed if your entry begins with T-H-E . Thus, the word “theatrical” would NOT match up with “atrical”.

    This change, ignoring punctuation, and considering two different entrys a match if the only difference is an “S” at the end of one of them, would make for a better game.

  • Bill Collins at 2006-03-31

    Again, I agree with Ed.

  • BlackLab at 2006-03-31

    I’m not sure if I agree or not. It’s interesting that although the real name of the movie is “A Nightmare on Elm Street” so many people didn’t put the “A.” I’m not sure that’s a good reason to drop words like “the” and “a” I had a long debate about whether or not to put the “A” ..one the one hand I knew it was the correct name of the movie, but on the other hand I thought a lot of people might omit it.

    It’s both frustrating and interesting trying to figure out what people are going to do. I was very tempted to put “coffee” for the breakfast topic even though one doesn’t eat coffee. But, obviously, a lot of people chose coffee!

    Remember the true meaning of the word “empathy” is to understand another person’s experience from their perspective and to be able to communicate that back to them. It doesn’t mean you agree, or think they’re smart or logical. Obviously creativity and uniqueness aren’t good characteristics to have in this game! Spelling seems to help though! ;)

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