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  • Bill Collins at 2006-04-11

    Here is the answer to “The Problem” for real, this one works! Since punctutation counts you can legally put carrot and carrots!. Try it, it will let you. So the new rule would be this. ALWAYS PUT AN EXCLAMATION POINT AFTER A PLURAL! This way the computer looks at the last letter, being the point and doesn’t count it as an “s”. Everyone has to do it tho. What does everyone think? Solves the problem, right? Of course people that don’t read the treads wouldn’t do it, but those people probably aren’t into the game as much and don’t do well anyways.

  • Bill Collins at 2006-04-11

    I’ve already sent a message to everyone in this and other related treads. Let’s get some response so we can make it a rule or not.

  • Paavo Pirinen at 2006-04-11

    If we really want to get rid of the rule, we can put on a petition on the forum. I’m sure it will get us rid of the rule if enough players accept it. I’d sign. As I’ve said before, I think the rule is not that bad, but never the less GoE would still be better without.
    I think this exclamation point thing is bad, stupid even.
    1) Not everybody reads the forum. Most talk in it is kind of flame war – were I wiser man with less time, I would not read it. It’s unfair to make pacts here. It probably doesn’t work eiher. When only a part of people put exclamation points after their plurals, plurals with and without exclamation marks become weak answers.
    2) I find it nasty to play straight through the loopholes in the rules. I think we should respect the way the game is made. If we want to change things, we can ask for the change. Petition would do.

  • Gregorlo at 2006-04-11

    I agree with Paavo. I must admit I thought about the “exclamation mark way” to get around the rule when we were trying to convince BBW that “thank guy!” and “thank guys!” are allowed together, but it is just a pact between players, and I think it is a way of cheating. If what we want is to change the rules, then ask the admin.

    In fact, I think I like the rule of not allow plural and singular. This would lead to think about top five and put in both forms, and I don’t like it :-)

    Another question is: people will use singular or plural form? this is when your empathy comes into play :)

  • Bill Collins at 2006-04-11

    I agree with both of you too. But then again, I’m a placater at heart and usually try to get all to agree on something, anything. I was just trying to find a way out for those who feel it’s needed. Let’s watch the input. Maybe I’m just continueing the problem! OOPS, Sorry.

  • Gregorlo at 2006-04-11

    Bill, your solution is to bring us complete freedom (or something)... but I guess the problem that Judy et al are pointing out is that both plural and singular form should be counted as the same word (or thought), as well as words with “the” or “a” at beginning. Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but yours is not a solution to their “problem” :)

  • Jeppe Snell at 2006-04-11

    I think the exclamation point suggestion violates the singular/plural -rule blatantly and would be cheating, although it would surely evade the programming guarding that rule. And Gregorio is right, I also like the rule and think it makes the game more interesting. As he says, my suggestion was about a different problem and although I don’t really consider my suggestion as cheating or unfair play, I think that it shouldn’t be followed, if some people are clearly against it. I’m actually quite content with the game as it is and suggested the deal just because some people stated that they were unhappy with the way the game was.

  • Judy at 2006-04-11

    I AM suggesting, as Gregorio states, that to me, the whole idea of the game is th try and think of what kind of answer other players will respond with when there are so many many choices.
    Doll, dolls, tomato tomatoes, in my mind register as the SAME thing and be counted together. Everybody wins with this method, and the scoring will be tighter. More challenging if you don’t have to flip the coin, or decide which to use, you will have to think up an entirely different response.

    I don’t care so much about the s vs. p problem as I do in that the folks who chose the singular do not get to have points added for the same word with an “s” on the end (and visa versa)

    Similarily, all “The” followed by a space" and an “A” followed by a space should be dropped. Little House should be counted with THE Little House. As Ed spelled it out so well in a different thread.


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