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  • gabbybrook at 2003-03-19

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is possible for me to start a tourney for those who do not want to use dictionaires for the word game...and if so how would i go about this..thanks much

  • goofball38 at 2003-03-19

    I don’t know how to start one but i’m behind you 100% you have a wonderful idea :)

  • gabbybrook at 2003-03-19

    thanks megan..if someone would tell us how to go about it ...would be nice to have ratings of our own

  • Tore S at 2003-03-20

    There is no way to have the system rate your no torunamnet games. It is possible to keep track of ratings outside this system though, but it need some work.

  • gabbybrook at 2003-03-21

    thanks tore for the info...

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