WEB TV Users..... please HELP! Word games

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WEB TV Users..... please HELP!
  • Judy at 2003-01-18

    I am trying to introduce my Dad to the GWG and he is using WEB TV and having problems. Since we are a continent apart, and I do not have WEB TV, I cannot direct him as to how to solve his problems with it. Could someone using WEB TV send him a note and explain how it works, please. His User name is Marlen…….

    Many thanks, Judy

  • Ian Howarth at 2003-01-18

    Judy, Is he in the UK.? - If so, what specific problem is he encountering.? (I am on NTL DTV)

  • Judy at 2003-01-19

    Thanks for the response. I do not know, but he has figured it out aand the game is inderway. I appreciate your willingness to help. Thanks….

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