why does it say to resign my game Word games

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why does it say to resign my game
  • crazy monkey at 2003-05-26

    i'm playing in a word tournament its my turn i go to click send move and when the page comes in again it says to resign the game. this has happened 3 times already, and i've lost those three games when i was winning. if anyone knows why this is happening please let me know. or if its something i'm doing to make it say resign game. thanks for any help

  • gwg_robot at 2003-05-27

    My guess is that it doesn't _tell_ you to resign your games, it just offers this as an option. I have seen (or thought I saw) this once - where there should have been a “submit move” button, instead there was the “resign” text. When this happened I just clicked on “your games”, and tried again, this time I found the “submit move” button where I expected it.

  • crazy monkey at 2003-05-27

    Thank you gwg-robot for you information and i will try that next time it comes up. This is a terrific site i play here as much as i can, and i'm starting to win games haha. Keep up the good work very much appreciated nancy (crazymonkey)

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