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GWG words in other languages
  • TheTible ★ at 2003-05-29

    Has happened to anyone of you to find more words in your mother language than in english?

    If yes, is possible to see GWG in other languages of large circulation? Eg: Italiano, Deutch, Française, Espagnol, etc…

    Or in base of country players number on Little Golem.

    Eg: Dutch, Norway, Romania, Hungary…

    Should we make a referendum?


  • LZJ at 2003-06-02

    I would vote for Czech.

    But I know that there is no free Czech Scrabble (or similar) dictionary.

  • Judy at 2003-07-14

    Hi, Tiberiu,

    Has happened to anyone of you to find more words in your mother language than in english?<

    Yes, it happens to me–in English too.

    There are plenty of “real words” used in everyday English that are not on the list. zagareet, beledi, zil

    (alternate spelling of zill), doumbek, to name just a few.

    Of course for all of you talented bi-lingual folks, it must be frustrating to see words in the letters that you cannot use. My hat is off to all of you…


  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2003-12-26

    gret idea..I plat also scrabble in english & french.I'm new to this game–love it alleady.If you create a french dictionary version..I'll spread the word(excuse the pun).

  • tangram at 2004-02-12

    l'm surprised that even common latin words like orbi don't pass.

  • Hjallti at 2004-02-13

    I would like dutch, but there is one problem. GWG uses a wordlist to check words… For each language people should seek a comparable (e.g. scrabble) word list, to make it possible for the computer to check words.

    I don't know if the 'Green book' which is the standard dutch word list is available online…

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