Bidding over 100 points? Word games

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Bidding over 100 points?
  • TheTible ★ at 2003-06-06

    This happens in game number #53217.
    Are there another games like this one?

  • Andrew at 2003-06-06

    Is this a bad thing? A little tedious, I suppose, but if the players don’t mind...

  • dj at 2003-06-06

    That board at first glance looks to provide a bunch back to the winner of the auction.

  • Tore S at 2003-06-08

    It has happened before.

    Take a look at game

  • TheTible ★ at 2003-06-09

    :) nice game! I didnt expect this end... :))
    I think your opponent had taken an overdoze of biding! ;)

    Is not a bad thing to bid over 100 points... I take it like a curiosity!


  • Tore S at 2003-06-09

    The bidding was OK, but first word should have been BETTE*NG
    for 162 points instead of BETT*NG for 144:)

    I think he made a mistake entering the first word...

  • Judy at 2003-06-13

    >I think he made a mistake entering the first word... <
    She did. And in a game against you, I considered it fatal. So, I ended a slow and agonizing demise.... :-)

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