How do I get a problem solved Word games

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How do I get a problem solved
  • cgull at 2003-06-30

    I started bidding on a gwg game and as soon as I submit, it comes right back to me with a higher bid… There's a message on top of the page that there's a problem with submitting but I can't log on to it.

    Any ideas out there?

  • labradors at 2003-09-08

    Not sure about the “problem submitting” part of it; but, if it comes back immediately with a higher bid, it's because your opponent has already decided on a comfortable limit for his bidding, and has set auto-bid to that value. You will not know what that value is until you happen to exceed it and no longer receive such an immediate response.

  • cgull at 2003-10-02

    Thank you Labradors…I sent that question to Richard and he was kind enough to answer. Made me feel a bit stupid but after all it was my first encounter with auto-bid.

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