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Highest points in a match
  • Claire at 2003-07-14

    Is there a way that i can find out what my highest score at the end of a match was without individually searching through all the games that i have played?

  • Judy at 2003-07-16

    Try clicking on your own name, (see it at the top of the page as PLAYER in your SUMMERY of games). When that loads, at the bottom there will be a section (chart) of all of the games that you have played in a little graph icon. Click on it and you will see the charting of all of your scores (the ups and the downs).
    You can do that with any player. Mine looks like an EKG or something like the raggediest mountain range in the world. LOL

  • Judy at 2003-07-16

    Claire, Here is the URL for your GW Games;

  • Claire at 2003-07-17

    Thats not what i meant i know how to access that is my rating, i mean i want to know what is my highest points score in an individual game is

  • Dvd Avins at 2003-07-17

    There is no such way.

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