12 Tile WORD!! - AN*ILITERATE(44) Word games

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12 Tile WORD!! - AN*ILITERATE(44)
  • Scot at 2003-01-21

    Congratulations to Kleese2 for the 12 tile play!

  • BIG BAD WOLF at 2003-01-21

    Cool! As the first person to get an 11 tile word (grin), congratulations for a 12 tile word.

    Hum.... I wonder who will find the first 13 tile word?

  • Tore S at 2003-01-23

    I am working on it:)

    In fact I had a 18 letter word: RHA*ATA for the word RHAbdomyosarcomATA, but I guess that one is not counted:) Anyway it must be a record letting the wildcard represent 12(!) letters.

    and congrats to Kleese2 of course.

  • Kleese2 at 2003-01-25

    What can I say!! I don’t think there are any 13 letter words :) (at least.. I hope so!)
    Thanks everyone!

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