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championship started without me
  • michelwav at 2016-03-23

    Before it started yesterday (on 22th of March), I registered for the numeric #23 wyps championship.

    But my name is not in the players list. I wonder why.


  • bloke at 2016-03-23

    For some reason, only the top league started in Numeric WYPS, 23.1.1 – lower leagues, where I was going to play after relegation from 22.1.1, have not.There is no 23.2.1 and/or 23.2.2. I wonder why, too. I am sure there are more than 9 players all together who want to go for it in the second league

  • William Fraser at 2016-03-23

    And even a failure to find “enough” players doesn't explain it.  Richard runs smaller leagues if there aren't enough players….

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