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Trivia question
  • Nick Wedd at 2003-09-16

    I wonder what is the highest scoring word that is possible in GWG? “phosphatidylethanolamines” is the best 15-letter word, scoring 2664. But maybe there is a shorter word with higher-scoring letters, which would score more?

  • michael at 2003-09-16

    Nice word...too bad my bags in gwg only contain 2 h’s.

  • dj at 2003-09-16

    Nick, you got too much time on your hands......... ; )

  • Judy at 2003-09-18

    LOL. So does Michael. Who counts the Hs in the bag? You guys are too funny!

  • Scot at 2003-09-18

    Don’t leave me off the list of folks with too much time!
    Two words, same score – 2520: hypophysectomizing carboxymethylcellulose. Both words can be formed with tiles in the GWG bag.

    I’m stalling the end as long as possible, but congratulations in advance to michael for the fourth GWG championship. He played the best game of GWG that I’ve ever seen. ... He’s VERY tough and he will likely take over top rating soon.

  • michael at 2003-09-18

    Thank you Scot, I’d like to point out though that Tore, with only 1 unfinished game, did not really lose a game yet. The 0’s on his record are all time outs, which were a result of the problems the server had in june. He won vs me with 1,5 points difference, i learned from that game, as i do from every good game i play.

    I will finish the monthly cups i signed up for, and join the championships. I likely won’t join alot of tournament and new monthly cups for a while though. I won’t likely take over top rating soon this way...

  • BIG BAD WOLF at 2003-09-18

    wow – I remember when my 1840 rating was a really good rating – one of the tops!

    Now I’m in 9th place! Guess that is what I get for not playing that game anymore.

    ... and congrats michael on (very soon) winning Championship #4. Hey, my name is michael also – so now 2 “michael's” have one a championship, and 2 “scot's” have also! :-)

  • Ed Collins at 2003-10-11

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but back in August of 2002, I thought we had determined that carboxymethylcelluloses (plural) was the highest scoring word, given the tiles in the bad. This word is worth 2,592 points.

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