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  • gabbybrook at 2003-09-22

    How are the tourney’s set up...are those with the same or near to same ratings put in a group together...Just wondered as I did two tourney’s with people around the same ratings...then the next one was with ratings of some that u know u will never beat,as I do not use dictionaries....If not would it not be simple to match up people who are near the same...

  • dj at 2003-09-22

    I think Ratings tournements are with opponents rated near you. Monthly tourneys are sort of first come first served. Championships have different peculiarities altogether.

  • gabbybrook at 2003-09-22

    lol thanks i am more confused...where does it tell u if it is a month one or not....when i registered it was with a couple of names within and around my limit...but then suddenly i had some that weren’t...Not making much sense sicker then a dog here....

  • dj at 2003-09-23

    On the tournaments page, there are 3 columns. To the left is the Championship Tourney, to the right, Ratings tourneys, in the center is the monthly tourney. The monthly tourneys start every day, mabe even twice a day. If you win the first monthly tourney, you will advance to another round, where you will play someone else who one a round started on some other day, or maybe the same day if 2 or more started that day. If you win that round you advance to yet another round, and another until all the remaining winners are in the same round, and the winner of that round is the monthly tourney winner for that month. In several games, we are all still working on the April or May tourneys.
    The championship tourney is different. I think they use voodoo for that one. Or tea leaves, crystal balls, a palm reader, with a twist of acupressure, and at least 2 six-packs of Dos XX.

  • Dvd Avins at 2003-09-23

    gabbybrook, read the FAQ. It’s not as confusing as dj makes it out to be. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, ask again.

  • gabbybrook at 2003-09-25

    thanks very much guys for your comments ..appreciate it..

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