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Permitted words
  • Marlen at 2003-02-01

    I submitted a word in a game and the message cam back that the word was not in
    Dictionry,com I clicked on and there the word was. What gives?...the word as RUNON

  • Ed Collins at 2003-02-02

    Despite what the error message may have said, the word list used here is known as the ENABLE list. Enable stands for Enhanced North American Benchmark LEexicon and is a public domain list of 173,000+ words, mainly intended for use by Scrabble® players. More information about this list, and other word lists, can be found here:

    I double-checked and confirmed that RUNON is not in the ENABLE dictionary. If the error message mentioned, that message should probably be changed.

  • LZJ at 2003-02-04

    All should know that link to is only for explanation of words. Not all existing word are allowed, rules are almost as in Scrabble. And not all allowed word are in And exactly: allowed are all words from ENABLE list and nothing else.

  • Judy at 2003-02-04

    For me, the quickest way to see if a word is allowed, is to click on the letters and the GAME will tell you if it is an acceptable word. Sometimes, I am very doubtful about whether it will be allowed, and am pleasantly surprised. A dictionary really isn’t necessary...

  • LZJ at 2003-02-11

    So do I.
    There are many English words I don’t know and many foreign word considered as English. I often try in game which word is allowed ;-)

  • Malaj at 2003-02-14

    Say “ciao” in English :-)

  • TheTible ★ at 2003-03-05

    In the game 30122, "SCORPIO" is not a permitted word in GWG, but i found 6(six) entries on

    ..and in the game 30121, my opponent made the word “COALIER”(96), and if you go on that link to for that word, you’ll find only one suggestion... “COLLIER”...


    :(( I’m very sad!

  • badger at 2003-03-06

    I tried the word June and it wasn’t recognised. Does it count a s a proper noun and therefore not allowed or something?

  • LZJ at 2003-03-06

    Tiberiu: As I see in ENABLE, English form is Scorpion, Scorpio is Latin form used as a name for a constelation. Coalier can be made from COALY (coaly, coalier, the coaliest), it’s not a basic form so it’s not in

  • LZJ at 2003-03-06

    Once more Tiberiu: Link to is only help for players to understand words. Allowed are just all words from the ENABLE list.
    This is freely downloadable, plain text has about 2 MB.
    Rules are practically as in Scrabble, words with first letter uppercase are considered as proper and are not allowed.

  • TheTible ★ at 2003-03-06

    From where I can download these list?

  • LZJ at 2003-03-07

    Please read Ed Collin’s post upper. (The second from top)

  • Dvd Avins at 2003-03-07

    Fortunately the information Ed referred to includes a sownload link. I copied the link for everyone’s convenience:

  • Dvd Avins at 2003-03-07

    Hmm, no automatic making of links from ‘words’ that begin “http://”. OK, let’s see if this works.

    Download ENABLE

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