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Corbeling - 864 points
  • Indy at 2004-03-02

    I feel uneasy congratulating a robot, but he/she/it scored a mammoth 864 points this week with Corbeling. Maybe I should pass on the credit to the creator of GWG Robot instead – Nick Wedd – for making such a wonderful programme that serves to sharpen our playing skills.

    It has been a good quarter for high scoring words. I have noticed that within the last few weeks, there have been many 200+ words played, and now in order to reach the hall of fame, you will need to achieve 216 points.

    Well done to all on the hall of fame. I notice that Bobby got his words by playing himself – I guess that’s one way to break records!! Who will be the first to break the 1000 point barrier?

  • Nick Wedd at 2004-03-03

    I passed your congratulations to the robot, but it did not respond. So I shall try to compensate for its rudeness, by thanking you, on its behalf.

    I sometimes feel a bit guilty about the way the robot plays in the endgame. By considering only the score of the current word, it can unguard corners, and lets its opponent make a word scoring over 100, in a way that a moderate player would never do. Thus its opponents can get on to the high score table through this weakness in its play.

    However this weakness does provide some compensation to its opponents for playing against a relentless machine with a perfect knowledge of the ENABLE list. So maybe it is a good thing that it is there.

  • bobby at 2004-03-23

    i found playing a game against yourself is a really good way to learn how to play defensively paying more attention to what letters roll out how on the game board

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