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  • kitkatbambidol at 2004-03-22

    In game #146503 my first word I wanted to use is middest. It uses a * space for the s but wasn’t accepted as a word. Is it an acceptable word?

  • Indy at 2004-03-22

    Sorry Kitkatbambidol, but it seems that “middest” is classed as a British English word and not acceptable under the Enable dictionary list used under GWG rules.

    I hope that you can still salvage your game against Judy.

  • kitkatbambidol at 2004-03-23

    Thanks Indy for the info. :)

  • bobby at 2004-03-23

    mabey the game thought you were spelling a proper noun with a capital other words lie india or indian arnt accepted either

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