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Other languages
  • Taral at 2004-04-26

    It would be nice if it were possible to play this game in other languages. I have tried to play it in English, but I don’t like to spend time looking up words in the dictionary, and without a dictionary I wouldn’t have any chance at all against native English speakers.

    We would need the following:

    1. For some languages there may be dictionaries freely available on the web which can be used. For other languages one can simply play without a dictionary, and automatically approve all words. In this case the other player should be given the option to “Disapprove” the previous word, and force the first player to find another one. (Obviously this will be for private games, and not for tournament games.) This could also be a solution for those English speakers who think that the ENABLE dictionary approves too many words.

    2. Change the letter distribution, and if necessary use another alphabets. The letter distribution could probably just be taken from the national editions of Scrabble.

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