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  • game-a-holic at 2003-02-07

    If you want to play your games to completion I don’t suggest you play against [Knight Rider KOTPP] as he will resign mid game if he is not in the lead. THis game is a way of having fun and he is being a sore loser. This is not fair to those of us who play for the enjoyment, not for the kill.

  • Strawberry_Sunshine at 2003-03-19

    fyi i too resign when im losing by a large amount
    in all sites not just here
    i feel there is no need to continue if i know the outcome of the game and there is no way for me to catch up
    especially in GWG because people use word enabled lists against webbies and ntl players which can’t download

  • Andrew at 2003-05-05

    I usually resign when a game stops being interesting and I’m behind. Usually it’s when there’s no question as to how my opponent will beat me. It’s better to move on to a new game that I can learn from than continue beating a dead horse when you both know the eventual outcome.

    Just my two cents.


  • lina kitty at 2003-05-13

    i resign if i’m behind when it becomes apparent that my opponent is sitting using a dictionary..... wots the point yea i’ll use one if i’m not sure of the spelling but there’s no fun in a game where ur opponent is coming up with words that any of the dictionaries i’ve used dont list em........oh and the worst offenders are people who don’t even speak english as their first language. lol

  • michael at 2003-05-13

    No offense but attacking everyone who doesn’t speak english as first language isn’t very nice. I’m perfectly bilangual..even have brittish+belgian nationality. And yes i use the enable wordlist to see if i can make a big word with a corner, the enable list is free to download, everyone can use it. Something else would be if u used a program that gives u the highest scoring word...

  • Tore S at 2003-05-13

    Searching a dictionary is about the same as using opening books in chess or any other game.

    I realize some people find this offending, but I will continue using it.

    As you say English is not my native language. Using the wordlist is the only way to make this game challenging for everybody, regardless of their native language.

    I would welcome tournaments where the use of wordlists are prohibited. I would most likely sign up and enjoy playing, but I am pretty sure the top 10 list would be all american/english... (oh I almost forgot the Canadians and Maltese:)

  • lina kitty at 2003-05-14

    i wasnt being or trying to be offensive but whats the point in using a dictionary fine yes i have an un fair advantage because my 1st language is english and that’s why i play english language games.... n yes i can speak french german and irish but i dont play games in those languages because i know i’d have to use a dictionary which would then make it unfair ... everyone is entitled to their opinion and all i was doing was stating mine as i said i will only resign from a game or blacklist a player when it becomes apparent that they’re using a dictionary and i havent a chance and the games becomes pointless. :)

  • Tore S at 2003-05-19

    I am not offended at all:)

    I would recommend everyone playing this game to use a dictionary. I have tried playing without and got rather annoyed when words I find perfectly sound was rejected by the server because it was not in the word list used.

  • damian at 2003-07-26

    Hey Kitty. You have become Judge Jury and Executioner, huh? What ever happened to “Judge not lest ye be judges”.
    I am an avid scrabble player. I have learned words this year that I would never use in normal speech, for example everything from “zo” and “qi” to" “venine” “feuar” “Steatoma” and of course the always popular “uropygia”, so HOW, may I ask, do you intend to judge me, young lady?

  • Strawberry_Sunshine at 2003-07-29

    webtv and NTL players can’t download the word enable list therefore they use a dictionary to try to make for a somewhat even game with an opponent that does have access to the word enabled list – yeah it would be funto have tournaments where no word list or dictionaries are used but how can you tell that your opponent isn’t using it – on their word of honor – you woud have to trust your opponent on word alone

  • dj at 2003-07-29

    Remember also that big words with big points are NOT the only aspect to the game. Defense is important too. I have oftern avoided a big score from a word because it would leave my opponent an even larger word. Scoring 40 for a word doesn’t help a bit when you give the other guy a 90 point word.....

    The enable word list helps us all.

  • Strawberry_Sunshine at 2003-07-29

    if the enable word list helps us all
    then maybe there should be a way for
    webtv and NTL users to access it – that way it would help all players
    Have a nice day :-))

  • BIG BAD WOLF at 2003-08-01

    For WebTV players (or any player actually) can use on-line dictionary to look up words in the ENABLE dictionary.

    Take this place: CLICK HERE

    In the section labled “in dictionary”, pick “Enable Scrabble dictionary” - it is the one used on this site.


    One of the things I suggested to webTV players (or other players which can not have 2 windows open at the same time) - but a simple dry erase board, quickly “copy” the board down so you know what is there – go to the site above and search for words!

    I hope this helps!


  • Nick Wedd at 2003-08-01

    Is this true? That page, used as you describe, tells me that “wetsuit” is not a word. But it is accepted by the list used here, I think.

  • Judy at 2003-08-01

    Yiu can have a bodysuit, boilersuit, countersuit, jesuit,
    jumpsuit, lawsuit, missuit, nonsuit, pantsuit, playsuit,
    pursuit, snowsuit, spacesuit, suit, sunsuit, swimsuit, or a
    tracksuit. But you canNOT have a wetsuit LOL

  • Strawberry_Sunshine at 2003-08-04

    TY Big Bad Wolf – it will help

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