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Thoughts on the word list
  • Nick Wedd at 2004-10-19

    It would be nice if:

    1. The rules for GWG made it clearer what word list is used
    2. The specified list did not include archaic Scots dialect
    3. The specified word list was not a hard-to-find alternative version of a commonly-used list
    4. This site gave a link to where the specified list can actually be found

    I guess it would be wrong to deal with 3 as that would involve changing the rules of the game. But the other three points could be fixed by making a copy of the list available somewhere and giving a clear link to it.

  • Lieven Marchand at 2004-10-20

    Regarding point 2: the list includes really weird words from all kinds of backgrounds and languages, e.g. words derived from Dutch like ‘aasvogel’ and ‘waterzooi’ where I can’t even guess how they entered the English language. I don’t think cleaning it up would add much to the game.

  • Abigail at 2004-10-20

    The Merriam-Webster online dictionary knows both words, so they aren’t that strange. Here’s their entry on waterzooi:

    Main Entry: wa·ter·zooi

    Pronunciation: 'vä-t&r-"zoi

    Function: noun

    Etymology: Flemish, from water water + zooi quantity of cooked food: a stew of fish or chicken and vegetables in a seasoned stock thickened with cream and egg yolks

    Their entry on aasvogel is only available for subscribers.

  • Nick Wedd at 2004-10-20

    I think the version of the ENABLE list used here is the one you can find at under the name “Updated millennial edition of ENABLE”. It has 173,528 words, and does not include any one-letter words. If you add all 26 one-letter strings (which are accepted for GWG) you get 173,554 “words”.

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