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empty point passage at the end of the game
  • TheTible ★ at 2003-02-18

    I think that rule must be reviewed.

    It allows to you to turn back to the same way you entered into the letter.

    An example is in this game of mine:Game #24633

    The word is ‘JANE’(42).

    Is this right?

    Thank you!

  • Scot at 2003-02-18

    I like the letter order process the way it currently works in the GWG endgame.

  • Judy at 2003-02-18

    I also like the end game rules the way they are.

  • Tore S at 2003-02-19

    The rules state
    'possible to connect tiles across empty fields'

    As far as I understand that sentence it perfectly describes how the game is implemented.

    Of course the game should not be changed the way it worksin the ending. That stage is the most challenging part of the game. I dont think Tiberiu wants to change the game either and i dont think it is necessary to change the rules. It could (and probably should) be clearified by another example in the rules.

    The tattoo example only follows lines and never turns. Tattoo could also be made several ways in te example and it is certainly not worth 54 points.

    TATTOO in itself is 7 points, and as it is 7 tiles long it is doubled so you will get a minimum av 14 if you make the word TATTOO without using colored tiles. If you make the word using both red tiles it should be multiplied by 3*3*2=18. 18*7 is 126points! It could also be worth 42 points if only one red tile is used.

    The example is confusing and should be replaced.

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