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More advanced random start position
  • Marijn Heule at 2004-07-28

    First I want thank the devellopers of this site for their great achievement. I have been playing DVONN for some time now and I am charmed by the feature of playing tournaments with random start positions.

    In some cases, however, these random positions seem to be somewhat biased. Since there is quite some knowledge about opening stategies (see other forum topics), I was wondering if this knowledge could be used to make more advanced random start positions.

    I do not know how the current random positions are generated, but I would like to make a more advanced one if that could be contributed to this site.


    Marijn Heule

  • Allan Mertner ★ at 2004-07-29

    I think that would be cool, as the start positions often are lopsided. However, you can also think of the lopsidedness as a random built-in handicap that sometimes allows a weaker player to beat a better one :-)

    I would certainly vote for auto-passing (and auto-moving when only one move is allowed) before improving the start-position-generator…

  • Gordon at 2004-10-17

    I'd like to see what Marijn Heule can do. I think most of us would like to play without a randomized handicap.

  • Mohammad Abbad Hussein at 2005-03-21

    Instead of a randomized start position, how about replaying start positions that have been set up by championship level 1 players?

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