What about Pünct? TZAAR, DVONN, LYNGK

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What about Pünct?
  • oyamaneko at 2005-11-22

    The newest game of the Gipf-Project is Pünct. Has anyone here tried it? How good is it compared to the other Gipf-games?

  • Carroll ★ at 2005-12-09

    You can have a taste of it at the very good site :


    It seems good, complexe, psychological but the effect on the casual hex player is not known…

  • Dave Dyer at 2006-03-15

    Also play realtime Punct at http://boardspace.net/

    there is a robot opponent available.

  • ypercube at 2006-05-22

    My comment on Punct (where i play lousy, even worse than i play Dvonn): It's a nice game, although what discourages me are the rather complicated rules, I definitely prefer games with simple rules like hex, breakthrough, amazons.

    But what I really do NOT like in all Gipf games are the names!

    My, my, are these names or tongue-scramblers? I mean, listen to them - or try to utter them fast: Gipf, Dvonn, Tamsk, Punct, Zertz.

    Is there anybody with a different opinion?

    Just my 2 cents opinion, and I feel I should apologize in advance to the creators of the games. I do like the games.

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