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Too many cheaters at 10 x 10 // I leave for good! Bye, bye!
  • Miguel Pereira da Silva at 2009-03-17

    Hello my friends,

    There are too many cheaters on this site. I am therefore going to quit playing on this site, since it doesn't make any sense anymore. In the last weeks I really had to experience strong reluctance to play on this site. You know the -drop out feeling-? one has before one starts playing against anyone? Well, that is how I felt in the last weeks every time I had to remember about littlegollem and knew I had to play?¦

    I started to play Othello as I was 9 years old, in 1978. At that time I lived in Norway (21/2 years, a game that had great success in Scandinavia). This means I play since 31 years! It was the last game my father gave me (Christmas). He died on September 22, 1979. Therefore has Othello a special meaning for me.

    At that age nobody liked to play against me, since I used to win all games. No matter how old my opponent was. At that time most of the players were just -beginner levels-. Between 1982 and 2002 I played very few times. During this time players got much better. Software and books were introduced to the market, which enabled many players to develop their skills.

    As I started to play regularly again, in 2001-02, I was still very naive. In the beginning I used to play like in past, as when I was child. I soon recognized that I wasn't that good (unbeatable) anymore, nevertheless still a strong player. In the beginning I used to play reversi at -windows live- and at; later, at

    As time passed by, I got better and better. 1-2 years ago I started to compare my games with those of others. About one year ago, I started also (regularly) to compare them with WZebra, but I didn't cheat (just against those I knew they were obviously cheating me).

    Soon I knew why I used to lose constantly against some adversaries. Some of them were simply good, but many just cheaters. Some of these dishonest players even participated at some WOCs! Why do they do that? Because they cannot cope with being defeated by any unknown player? Or because they believe to be â -great players- and are hence afraid to lose their honor and merit as they lose against unknown players? Because they cannot stand to lose? Whatever the answers are, they do not matter to me anymore. I spent too much energy in the last 1-2 years wondering why? It is over now. Many of these people I thought they were my -friends-¦ but they end up disappointing me terribly.

    As I compared some hundreds or maybe even some few thousands games, I ended up learning most of the first 5-7 moves (sometimes even 8-10) by heart, no matter how the adversary plays. I got especially strong in the last 3-4 months, because I decided to play very methodically and systematic. This means: always the same 5-7 moves perfect openings, and after I do not know by heart anymore, to play the move I thought it would be the best (some moves require at least 2-5 minutes).

    I have been invited several times to participate in the WOCs. Some people say I am the best Portuguese player (just Portugal not Brazil), what is quite possible, since I never met any Portuguese player who plays better than me. Othello/Reversi is not a well known game in Portugal. Most of the Portuguese citizens never heard about it.

    I used to be a better player at 10 x 10 than at 8 x8. However, I got suddenly worse. This -phenomenon- started to take place in the last months since -Herakles- was made public and more cheaters joined this site. Certainly the software used by all those well known cheaters on this site. Nowadays, I am definitely stronger at 8 x 8 than at 10 x 10, since it is not so difficult and I know its openings.

    What has surprised me the most is that I had to conclude that many players, who I first thought they were honest, they simply cheat. Some of them use different cheating techniques in order to distract the opponent. Some start with Wzebra openings, then they keep playing like “Herakles”. These players choose always one of the 1-3 best movies. Once in a while (seldom) they play a disastrous move. I am not sure why… maybe because they have a bad conscience in all of a sudden (what I don't believe), or while they play in a hurry (no time to analyze)â?¦ they know they win anyway, or to distract more.

    Some of these dishonest players claim to have achieved good positions at the WOCs, what is partly true. They allege therefore, they are not dishonest¦ they emphasize that as they also affirm: -that is why they even write their own names-. But I have compared many games of some of these players, and ended up very upset several times. They claim not to cheat¦ it is instead everything -paranoia-. - Yes of course! Therefore I also compared some of their WOC games and concluded that there they play very differently; very human¦ with regular serious mistakes.

    So, my friends¦ I leave now. You can meet me at Kurnik. My Nickname is Miguel68.

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