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Cheating at an OTB tournament
  • quartastella at 2009-09-22

    I'm not sure if you have heard about this one, but a French player (who plays at the World Championships but does not represent France) was caught cheating at a tournament in France. He was using a PDA to play his games. He has been suspended for three years.

  • ypercube ★ at 2009-09-22

    He had had a huge climb in his performance and rating the last year or two. I guess there were suspicions for some time that lead to his catching.

  • Olivier at 2009-09-23

    It was during the French championships, and I'm very surprised because I thought he was an honest player. He also plays frequently on Kurnik.

  • wccanard at 2009-09-23

    A friend of mine, who is a very strong Othello player, knew this guy well and said exactly the same thing. Indeed he said “he started winning tournaments but we all knew he _couldn't_ be cheating—I mean, he was in the same room as us!“.

  • quartastella at 2009-09-23

    I saw some pictures of the French Championships and they had several kids present; they even had some kind of tournament for them. What a great initative from the FFO and what an awful example from this cheater.

  • FatPhil at 2009-09-23

    “It was under his trousers”

    Is that a PDA in your pocket, or are you just trying to cheat me?

  • klaashaas at 2009-09-24

    I know him as being very modest and friendly. I thought he's a player who is not extremely talented (and not too ambitious) but has a great love for the game. He traveled quite a lot to attend tournaments all over Europe. It's not the type of player who I would suspect of being a cheater.

    But he confessed…

  • Marius Halsor at 2009-09-24

    Where to read the full story? Links, anyone?

  • quartastella at 2009-09-24

    I'd be very interested in hearing why he was cheating. It's not like he was winning thousands of dollars or getting endorsements from Nike or Adidas. Same with the cheaters here. What pushes them to cheat in every game? What do they do with their 2500 ratings?

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