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guahong officially a cheater
  • quartastella at 2009-09-27

    Hello. I just finished “playing” a game with guahong using a new Japanese program that tests for cheating. I don't know too much about this program (I got it from a top Othello player) except that is unfinished, has tons of bugs, is all in Japanese, and crashes every five moves or so. It detects and reacts to at least 12 different computer programs. If the opponent cheats, it plays at the same level (slighty above it looks to me) but plays randomly - and loses big - if the moves don't match a known program. It has a window that changes color if it starts detecting a pattern of cheating and gives you a percentage of cheating. I played three games against it, I won all three, and my cheating percentage was 0. Guahong was detected at 100% cheating, in fact he admitted using a program at the end of the game.

    This is of course nothing new as many players here knew already he was cheating. But I want to warn you that he has changed one of his other aliases from Jamaica to Fairplay (ironic, isn't it?).

    Due to the anarchy at the site, I've decided to continue playing guahong and its various aliases with this program. I don't think much will change, but a little frustraton for this cheater won't hurt anyone.

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