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I'm an old champ not showing it!
  • Hjallti at 2003-12-04

    I like Little Golem very much, but there is a little thing annoying me.
    I actually won the second championship tied with Lin Liu, but on the main reversi page, only one winner is shown. I just saw a discussion about ‘bragging rights’ in another forum, so I’ll make my request here again; I would like to be on the main reversi page as winner of that second championship!

  • Micky at 2003-12-04

    Just had a look at the championship table on that your listed above lin liu, but on the board your not listed, does seem very strange.

  • Hjallti at 2003-12-05

    In fact it is not so strange, it is just wrongly programmed (using the assumption that there would be a unique winner), it is understandable mistake which any programmer makes once in a while... I only hope that it would be changed.

  • beppi at 2003-12-09

    Can’t it be that the direct match was won by Liu?

  • Hjallti at 2003-12-10

    No, it can’t since it doesn’t matter, in that tounament at that moment (and even now) head-to-head is not a tie-breaker
    ... look at the page of championship rounds in reversi (get there from ‘tournaments’ and hit the link ‘44 rounds’ above the “Remove me” or “Register” link of the reversi championship). It clearly states that we won both the tournament, so the head-to-head is not an issue (nor it should, since it is already the most counted game (with a 2points + 24 SON) the game between the first two is always in the son-system the most important).

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