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Who does accept the challenge?
  • beppi at 2004-05-14

    In this period of acid discussions I’d like to propose a challenge.
    As I can see, after the very first places, Italy and Nederland are really dominating the LG rating (unfortunately besides Shaman we don’t dominate Othello in real life). What about a challenge? Would players accept a round robin tournament to see who will win between Italy and Nederland?

    The current rating lists:

    me Italy
    Jan C. De Graaf Nederland
    Alkosan Nederland
    Dom Italy
    alessandro Italy
    pedro Italy
    Robin Nederland
    Nicky Nederland
    klaashaas Nederland
    Roel Nederland
    erwin vd berg Nederland
    Smaughster Nederland
    Arnoud Meijer Nederland
    Claudio Signorini Italy
    Anja Nederland
    ercolatena Italy

    Who does accept the challenge?

  • Arnoud Meijer at 2004-05-14

    Ofcourse i accept! :)

  • Robin at 2004-05-15

    I’m in. Will we play 8x8 or 10x10? Or both?

  • klaashaas at 2004-05-15

    This reminds me of the (friendly) team match between Italy and the Netherlands played prior to the WOC 2002 in a bar in Amsterdam. Both me and alkosan were in the Dutch team. I don’t remember the exact score (anyone does?), but I remember the Dutch won :-) Time for revanche, I’de say!

  • Nicky at 2004-05-15

    Of course I do :)

    But you forget someone!

    Leon Kamphuis from the Netherlands

    and Bas (in 't zand) from the Netherlands

  • Robin at 2004-05-15

    There is also fabio from Italy.

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-05-15

    nice idea! but for my oppinion only 8x8.

  • Anja at 2004-05-15

    I think it’s nice idea, but Beppi gives me too much credit i don’t think i belong in that list.

  • Roel at 2004-05-15

    It sounds good.

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-15

    I would :p (but I’m Belgian!)

    Jeroen, myself and Michael (the 3 highest placed Belgians)will challange somehow someway an smaller country ;-)

  • beppi at 2004-05-15

    I could see if I can find some other Italian player, if you like, so that the tournament will be more interesting 8-) See you in a few days!! Beppi.

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-05-16

    "Jeroen, myself and Michael (the 3 highest placed Belgians)will challange somehow someway an smaller country ;-)"

    are there more belgum peoples that play that game?? :O :p ;)

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-16

    14 with an FFO rating (up to now)
    we are preparing an take over of the duthc federation :p
    No, we’re growing bit by bit and more and more (new) Belgians are comming to our tournament. Give us some time!

    And Beppi, If the dutch people want to, i should like to join (tx anyway!)

  • beppi at 2004-05-17

    We can make a Nederland – Belgium – Italy tournament 8-)!

  • Dom at 2004-05-18

    i accept, with a light preference with 10x10 =)

  • Claudio Signorini at 2004-05-18

    accept!!! preferably 8x8.

  • Nicky at 2004-05-18

    I prefer 10x10

  • klaashaas at 2004-05-18

    Let’s play both 8x8 and 10x10! :-)

    There are a few Dutch players who don’t follow the forum discussion very actively, but I’m sure they would like to play in the challenge too. They should be messaged, when the challenge’s format is more clear.

    Gianluca Severino is another Italian reversi player who might be interested.

    If there are many more Dutch and Italian players, than there are belgium players, perhaps the third team should be a ‘rest of the world’ (Japan/USA/UK/Belgium/Cyprus/Hungary/...).

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-05-18

    But perhaps not Kyrgyzstan. :p

  • klaashaas at 2004-05-18

    But perhaps not Kyrgyzstan

    Well, if we (also) play 10x10, I don’t mind :-)

  • Roberto Sperandio at 2004-05-18

    I accept!

  • Super Chicken at 2004-05-18

    I’ll be happy to follow you from outside!

  • alkosan at 2004-05-18

    i’m in :)

  • dodo_italy at 2004-05-18

    I prefer 8x8

  • Gianluca Severino at 2004-05-18

    I’d like play!!! (I prefer 8x8)

  • Jan's program (W:297,L:86,D:6) at 2004-05-18

    I do!

    (although I’m away for the Copenhagen EGP upcoming weekend)

  • ercolatena at 2004-05-19

    I accept, but I see that I’m already in.
    I wouldn’t mind 10x10

  • Smaughster at 2004-05-19

    I am a reversi addict, I’ll play all kinds :-)

  • beppi at 2004-05-20

    Well, are there enough Belgian players, then?
    As a formula, I propose to make 3 turns, and at each turn each player of one team meets one random player of the other team.

  • Fabio S. at 2004-05-20

    Accetto anch’io, se mi volete per la rappresentativa italiana....

    I accept the challenge , if I can; I’m not so good, but I will do my best.

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-20


    AT certain 4 players, I presume michael would like to join
    I’ll ask them!

  • Robin at 2004-05-20

    This player may also want to join the Belgian team: Hjallti

  • beppi at 2004-05-20

    Any suggestion on the formula, provided we’re going to have three teams with a different number of players each?

  • Michele Borassi at 2004-05-20

    I’ll accept of course
    Michele Borassi

  • Anja at 2004-05-21

    i’ll accept, 8x8 or 10x10, i like both :)

  • klaashaas at 2004-05-21

    I’m not sure if I understand the format. Say, belgium has 3 players, nl 11 and it 12, does that mean 12 games per round are played (each belgium player plays 4 games, the dutchies play 1 game per person, except for one, randomly chosen, and the italians all play 1 game per person)?

    If so, why not play everyone from the other teams? So the belgium players would play 23 games, the Dutch would play 15 games and the Italians would play 14 games.

  • dodo_italy at 2004-05-21

    > ... why not play everyone from the other teams?
    Yes, I think this is a good choice.

    If we prefere more rounds (with one game for each player) we can play X rounds of swiss system forbiddening intra-team matches.


  • klaashaas at 2004-05-21

    Hi, Donato! Good to see you here :)

    Yes, a Swiss-style tournament would be better, IMO. Same game-load for all the players, and a best chances for equal games.

    But whatever system Beppi picks, I’ll agree with it. He’s our quizz-master, after all :

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-21

    And Belgium will cooperate with other countries i guess (to make an equal numbers of players!)

    Tazmanian? :-)

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-05-21

    I am Norwegian, and in theory we could have a Norwegian team with jonny justvik, rune theodorsen, mmbeer and perhaps others, but I don’t know if they are interested, and I am not all that interested myself – I’m already part of the Norwegian Hex team and I am trying to cut down on LG activity.

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2004-05-21

    may be another solution to get on with this challenge is by creating more teams. For examble you could have a Scandinavia team or a rest of Europe team (I would rather not have a Polish team... and don’t ask why!). This is how it was done for the Hex challenge.

    A swiss style format was suggested for the 1st SS championship and it was rejected because it would be very slow (the next round could only start when all the games of the round are finished).

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-21

    We could put all the cheaters in one team :p
    I think it will be difficult to get a strong 3th team together (challenging Italy and The NEtherlands is not an easy thing!)
    Getting a 4th team (so 52 players in total) is almost impossible I think

  • Sakiko at 2004-05-21

    "I would rather not have a Polish team... and don’t ask why!"

    Why not?

  • klaashaas at 2004-05-21

    Why not?

    Let me guess: probably because of the bad reputation they have. However, I don’t agree with it. I wouldn’t mind a Polish team. I know most Polish players are great opponents. Personally, I’ve only met very pleasant opponents from Poland so far but, unfortunately, fact is that some Polish kids are spoiling the fun for others in several types of games.

  • klaashaas at 2004-06-04

    I think the Dutch are ready... what about the Italians?

  • beppi at 2004-06-05

    Here I am, again, I was waiting to see if some others would have accepted. So, we’re back again Italians and Dutch?

    As dodo suggested, it’s possible to play a Swiss system with Swiss Percect, allowing players not to play against own federations. This, btw, allows even to have federations playing with different number of players, obviously their chance of winning is lower!

    We could even add federations with 2 or 3 players.

    agoui said that the Swiss style is a bit slow, it’s true but I think that it is much more challenging, and after all we’re all frequent players here.

    About Belgians and Norwegians: I think that if you can arrange two teams, it’s a good thing, otherwise, you can arrange a “rest of the world” team, I think you may find a lot of people to join! 8-)

    The formula I decided, then (I’m the BIG MASTER OF THE TOURNAMENT and my decision is not contestable because is obviously perfect :) ) is:

    ANY federation can apply, having at least 3 players.
    The tournament will be played on 5 rounds (enough?), with a swiss tournament. Matches between players of the same federation will be barred. The program used will be Swiss Perfect.
    For the final standings, the tie breaks will be: bucholz, minor scores. The initial sorting will be based on LG ratings.
    The points of the first 3 players of each will then be summed and that will be the score of that federation! 8

    Here’s a list of players that already signed:

    Beppi ITA
    Arnoud Meijer NED
    Robin NED
    klaashaas NED
    Nicky NED
    erwin vd berg NED
    Anja NED
    Roel NED
    movieloverxxl BEL
    Dom ITA
    Claudio Signor. ITA
    Roberto Sperand.ITA
    alkosan NED
    dodo_italy ITA
    Gianluca Sever. ITA
    jancgp NED (hopefully human! 8-))
    ercolatena ITA
    Smaughster NED
    Fabio S. ITA
    Michele Borassi ITA
    Tasmanian Devil NOR

    Let’s wait a week more to arrange the third team, then we start, and may the best win! 8-)


  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-06-05

    Actually, I have not signed up.

  • beppi at 2004-06-05

    Do it, Zamunda 8-)

  • jeroen de wael at 2004-06-05

    well you can count me in 8-)
    2-man-teamed belgium

    i prefer 10x10 or maybe combination of both 8x8 and 10x10

  • Bas at 2004-06-06

    Ow hello this is the first time i;m on this forum, so i just read about the challenge. Is there still a spot for me in the challenge :)

    greeting Bas

  • Andy Aspden at 2004-06-10

    Hi guys, first time I’ve read this forum for a long time. This challenge sounds interesting, mind if I join in?

  • Roel at 2004-06-10

    Robin, check your messages at LG or tell me your correct e-mail.

  • Robin at 2004-06-11

    Sorry Roel. I think you have been sending messages to the wrong Robin. (There are two Robins on this website.) I’ve read your mail now and replied.

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