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Individual score
  • Dom at 2004-05-18

    Few months ago, clicking on a user profile, we can see our personal score against that player. For example, against Jan De Graaf, i got 2 victories, 0 draw, 9 lost. I like vey much this statistics, but now this option is not more visible: it was cancelled or it’s a feature only for members? =)

  • klaashaas at 2004-05-18

    Of course Richard or Marek can answer this question better, but I believe that the ‘personal record against a player’-feature made the site alot slower, and that was the reason for Richard to remove it. I liked it too, but the site’s speed is more important. Talking about the site’s speed: Littlegolem has been running excellently now for a while! It’s fast and there are hardly any downtimes. Thank you, webmasters!:)

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