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Happy happy joy joy
  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-26

    Again a cheater in the top 10…

  • Arnoud Meijer at 2004-05-26

    Indeed…. :)

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-27

    And no, it ain't me Arnoud… Try again :p

  • jeroen de wael at 2004-05-27

    big cheater on number 1! gosh, from now on i will only play x-squares!…

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-27

    (i think he's a bit shy to stand no°1) But don't worry, many fake-good players are heading on to place one :-)

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-05-27

    I'm starting to enjoy not being in top-10. :p

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-27

    I have the same opinion, so I decided to lose a game against leon kamphuis (and winning one as a revenge) So I managed to be out the top 10 again :p

    But i have a notice. Since I started playing here, more players get above 1900! now 13 I guess… Could this be because a higher level of play? Like leon who joined us and other still on the road (like roy seits who started this week) to the top10?

  • Roel at 2004-05-27

    I have been number one for a short while, but it is funny to go up and down again and again.

  • Dom at 2004-05-28

    ehm, thanks to movielover for my first time over 2000 points :-P i think it'll be very difficult remain in this position but my objective is surpass Beppi… just another little step ;)

  • leon kamphuis at 2004-05-30

    very happy happy joy joy..

    would be nice to say the name of the cheater though then I can resign before I start the game ( : would be a waste of time

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-30

    Well I'm playing now 10x10 (friendly game) against him and he's not doing very well :-) I told him I wanted to test his skill in 10x10 because all advanced 8x8 players are not bad in 10x10. But he did already some strange moves (almost every move he did :p) I expect a resign around move 50 :-)

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-31

    I have challenged several players in 10x10 (let's make it clear)

    -skyking lion: accepted but plays like shit

    -rebornfingorn: has nog accepted

    -andrej lepper: ???

    -karla evans: ???

    I hope them to play and i would like invite every player to test their skills in 10x10! And tell them again and again that it isn't allowed to use superiour software without telling it! THank you :-)


  • movieloverxxl at 2004-06-04

    The game between skyking lion and myself is finished… He resigned @ move 38

    This is the game: (can't place a link)


    You can watch the game and you see his moves are only worth a 1450… In his attempt to win he needed to go play 'more-stoned-tactic'

    move 32 I had only I stone left

    move 35 I said to him: are you stil claiming not to use software?

    move 36 he said: pls do not continue the game if you think so, you hurt me :(

    move 37 I answered him straight: how could you be so disgraceful! I don't hurt you, I just have proven you use software! I have put many games from you in Wzebra ans I'll put them all on the forum… It's very obvious to see you are using software… PLease stop with it. All good players play both games and every player with an overview for the game can play 10x10… You could be less good in it, but not that bad as you play. Good players won't play more-stones-tactics and certain is they are challenged to prove they use no software… So please quit playing with software… You are not the only one (rebornfingorn, karla evans, andrej lepper) But we (all the better players) will stop this mess…

    He resigned after this message.

    If people want to have some files of his games: I have many of them on my laptop.. just send me a message.

    And: don't play again with him! Just resign before you start to play!

    BTW: Even if I would get in the top10 when the next champ'ship starts, I will lose some game to do not start in the 1st league: To much cheaters, so I'll be heading on to league 3 ;-) (And I'm not worth top 10 till that time :p)

  • klaashaas at 2004-06-04

    Thank Richard for giving us 10x10 reversi :-)

  • Roel at 2004-06-04

    I play the more-discs-strategy quite often myself. ANd I suck more at 10x10 than 8x8.

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-06-04

    But Roel, just check the game…

    And I challenged him with the following words: If you want to prove you're not a cheater, just try to beat me. (And then you won't begin playing more stones :p And my 10x10 ain't that good… Look at the way I lost to you (Roel) ;-)

  • beppi at 2004-07-29

    Is rebornfingorn really a cheater? Are you sure about it? I have a game with him currently at move 4…

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-07-30

    negative, he's totally clean! he's playing a very strong 10x10 against me and told me some secrets ;-)

  • detasio at 2004-09-29

    i write for reporting that Gámbito, a unknown Spanish is a cheater. i feel pain i have to say this about a compatriot but plz u can analyze some of his games and think that he isnt a real good player.

    Rubén Detasio

  • klaashaas at 2004-09-29

    Don't care much about wether he cheats or not, but compare this game with this one.

    Ever seen someone totally NOT understand the game, and one month later play like a master? :-)

  • Roel at 2004-09-29

    I do it upside down. First play like a master against Nicky and then play like an idiot who sees the game for the first time in his life.

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-10-04

    cheater vs cheater ?

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-11-24


    new way of cheating :-)

  • Roel at 2004-11-24

    That is really suspect Tom.

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-11-24

    how did you find this?

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-11-24

    look at the inscriptions for the new 10x10 monthly cup…

  • ypercube at 2004-11-25

    OK, this hotgirl has now 25 won games, ALL against hotgirl1, hotgirl2, hotgirl3 and hotgirl4. So what? How long do you think he (or she more probably) will be doing this? She will soon start losing games (and lots of points) to other players. And the hotgirlsXX will be going down in the ranking list so not many points for her.

  • Dom at 2004-11-25

    we can suggest to hotgirl a bit of fantasy choossing his nicknames :-P i think that only way to prevent this behaviour is registering for a new tournament in the right moment ;)

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-11-25

    I'm just wondering what is the fun of this kind of cheating? Becoming number one in rating and won tournaments?

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-11-25


    I like this :P

  • Dom at 2004-11-26

    i'm wrong o there was a competition to wipe out the highest ranked player? maybe you can win :-P

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-11-26

    Rats - maybe I will need to rephrase it. :p

  • Dom at 2004-11-26

    see this interesting tourney :-P


  • erwin vd berg at 2004-12-05


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