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10x10 openings
  • Dom at 2004-08-04

    while the first reversi 10x10 chiampionship is started, the question i have is: "in your opinion, which are the reversi 8x8 openings that works better in 10x10?"

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-08-04

    the problem here is that is takes more time to get to the edges. In many openings at a 8x8 board, you need the edges.

    My solution is that you follow the basic rules, stay in the middle, combine your stones and futher...

    but, i heard and discover that at a 10x10 board the maximun stones strategie often more works.

    One opening from the 8x8 board that i play often and many wins with, is iago. In this opening white needs, on a 8x8 board, the edges. But now there are no edges, white has a huge “border” of stones.

    I try many openings that are on a 8x8 board really bad, but at a 10x10 nog that bad. I try to find openings true the basic principals of othello...

  • Bas at 2004-08-05

    I think most 8*8 openings fit very well in the 10*10 board. The only difference is that they change after 10-15 moves because the borders are being used in the 8*8 story.

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