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RE: Congratulations to all LG players who played at the WOC
  • klaashaas at 2004-10-24

    Sorry, my sloppy html messed up the other thread.

    But I wanted to say that I've just finalised my Fantasy Othello Team. Since I don't want to put extra pressure on my players' shoulders, I can't share the names on this public forum :-)

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2004-10-24

    How about a guess who will be in the semi-finalists then? Or the top 6?

  • argh at 2004-10-24

    my tip for the fantasy team is brain rose.

    you get him for only 1600 rating points.

    really cheap boy :)

    and of cause i hope that he is in good shape this year because we share a room during the woc.

  • klaashaas at 2004-10-24

    Ah, my bargain is Joung-Mok Oh. Only 1600 for this Korean Champ! You were too expensive for me, argh! :-)

    Okay, my top 4 (in random order):

    -Andreas Höhne (The European Champion)

    -Ben Seeley (Currently the best player in the world)

    -Imre Leader (Home advantage)

    -Makoto Suekuni (Semi's without at least one japanese player is not possible)

    Best team: USA.

    What is yours?

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2004-10-24

    I think my top 4 is based more on the 'legendary' names that we will have the pleasure to enjoy this year.

    My top 4 are Seeley, Makoto (I don't think anyone thinks that they won't be there), Rose if he is prepared and Tamenori. For me Tamenori is the unknown quantity. If he is as strong as he used to be (how did he qualify for Japan after his 6 month come back?!!). I won't be surprised to see him in the final IF he has the stamina.

    For the top 6: Caspard (always reliable and well prepared) and Hoehne (the player that I dare say should have won last year semi with Seeley). This means that there is no italian in there and I think the Italians will disagree, especially Sperandio :)

    My heart though will be with the two young Dutch players and I do hope they both do well :).

  • detasio at 2004-10-25

    top 4:

    ben, makoto, caspard and pawel(CCCn).

    top 6:

    Berg and Edie Williams.

    Tamenori, Rose, Brightwell , leader and all the oldies promises i think that they wont have a good result. i wait a hopefull, and renewed othello.

    my heart tell me that mmariomm or other spanish (miguel angel or Ricardo(a little more difficult))will be in the higher than the rest but ok , somtimes the heart isnt the most sensible of our body.

    Rubén detasio

  • Robin at 2004-10-25

    For sure the final will be:

    Andreas Hoehne vs Paweł Pęczkowski

  • argh at 2004-10-25

    I LOVE YOU ALL !!!

    (especially Klaashaas and Robin)

    Players in Semifinal will be :

    Emmanuel Caspard

    Martin Eng

    Ben Seeley

    Makoto Suekuni

    Best Team : Netherlands

  • alkosan at 2004-10-25

    my money is on tamenori. the rest of my team is filled with a dutchy and a not yet named 1600 bargain :)

  • alkosan at 2004-10-25

    the semi's:




    and this years surprise :)

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2004-10-26

    so who could that be… He can't be a european since he would have a rating. Could it be Jacky Fu then?

  • argh at 2004-10-26

    the betting office is opened !

    people like alkosan or agoui can bet on the “dreamteam 1”

    to reach the semifinal.

    the “dreamteam 1” consists of:

    Brian Rose (USA)

    Ben Seeley (USA)

    Makoto Suekuni (Japan)

    Hideshi Tamenori (Japan)

    if all players of “dreamteam 1” reach the top 4 you

    get this quote:

    11 € for 10 € !

    for higher grades you can bet of the “dreamteam 2”

    consisting of :

    Joanna Benagua (Philippines)

    Lisa Boardman (Australia)

    Velma Fu (Hong Kong)

    Jan Stastna (Czech Republic)

    if they all reach the top 4 you get this quote:

    1000000 € for 10 € !

    you can send me your cheques now !!!!

    PS: fell free to tell me of who else you want to bet.

  • Roel at 2004-10-26

    I feel that Nicky is going to perform very well.

  • alkosan at 2004-10-26

    before betting 10 euro on dreamteam 2 i would like to see a bank guarantee worth 1000000 euro, just to be sure you can provide the winnings :)

  • argh at 2004-10-26

    you can trust me.


  • agoui (limited edition) at 2004-10-26

    Does anyone know how Tamenori did in the japanese tournamnets this year? (apart from the one he won)

  • mmbeer at 2004-10-28

    u can see some of his games on it's in danish, but u can still see some of his games (written in numbers)

  • argh at 2004-10-29

    at you can check thordatabase with about 80.000


    of cause there are a lot of tamenoris games.

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2004-10-29

    I bet he must have changed his style a little since 1997 :)

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