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  • erwin vd berg at 2004-12-05

    among the great topics about problems and cheating there are still funny things about this game...
    check the next game, i really laugh about it :)


  • Figilano at 2004-12-05

    hehe – and I always wondered if this situation will ever occur. ;)

  • Tomoe Gozen at 2004-12-05

    Approximately a quarter of a century ago, there was a computer othello tournament held in Paris, where a commercial Othello program lost two of its games by a clean sweep during the first twenty moves, because it too strictly applied the “strategy” of minimizing its disc count.

    (According to David Levy, who about that time reported this in L’Ordinateur Individuel and other computer magazines.)

  • detasio at 2005-01-06

    this game is a friendly sample between two good italian players. the most interesting of the game is as finally superchicken give a present with a draw for both. i like it.


  • Coolboy at 2005-01-08

    i like this
    thank you franova for not wipe me :)

  • magic_jim at 2005-01-08

    ah, coolboy, you are the inventor of hotgirl i see.

  • Hjallti at 2005-02-02

    Thanks Erwin, I seem not to be the best player here to make
    <a href= “http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/game/game.jsp?gid=278728”>stupid mistakes.

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