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  • gaspy at 2005-05-04 Hello,

    I am french. The last book on Reversi (“Othello”) published in France and in french goes back to 1998 and it is addressed to the beginners rather.
    Do you know books written in English which would be more recent and who looks further into the tactics and the strategies of the play?
  • erwin vd berg at 2005-05-04


  • babyalien at 2005-05-06

    Now thats how you beat me, hehe I can beat most people with totally not rules knowledge of the game, I learnt most of what I knew from my mind, it’s better that way, why cheap, CHEAP PEOPLE, like me.


  • gaspy at 2005-05-07

    Thank you for your answer babyalien .
    It has been at least 15 years since I play in reversi and, as you write it, we learn by us a lot even, by playing and always by playing more.
    However, why to deprive us of the knowledge of those who deepened the game and who passes to us by the publications and the books.
    In France, we have a Federation ( FFO) and into its periodical “FForum” brings us, from the best French players, by their articles in this review, a part of their knowledge. But we have only a single book which addresses the beginners and which dates of 1998.
    I thus thought that there are the others in English, the more advanced level there.
    I thus hope always for answers to this subject.

    PS: I ask you to excuse my probably not completely correct English.


  • babyalien at 2005-05-11

    I’m alot younger than you, your crule!

  • babyalien at 2005-05-11

    I don’t mean to upset you, but you upset me with your victory :)

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