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Black list
  • ghostdog at 2006-05-14

    Hello. If i put a player in a black list he'll never encounter me in a tournament? Do you think there are many cheater here? :-( Regards. Marco.

  • ypercube ★ at 2006-05-14

    No, you will still meet him or her in a tournament. You'll just not be receiving messages from him or her.

  • ghostdog at 2006-05-14


  • klaashaas at 2006-05-14

    I don't think there are many cheaters here. Cheating with reversi is too easy. There are a few, though.

  • KPT at 2006-05-18

    easy cheating in reversi?

    Why not in other games too?

    I THINK there is a lot of cheating in LG

    because thera are users with many accounts.

  • alain at 2006-05-20

    Who would want to cheat at these games? Its pointless - you cheat not only the other players, but yourself as well! There's no money at stake, so if you get tempted to “get the computer to test the moves”, just hold off until after the game and learn from the computer instead!

  • KPT at 2006-05-20 is ridiculus in any game

    (at less if u win money)

    u make bored u game

    and the other games :(

  • Miguel Pereira da Silva at 2009-01-09

    There's no need to discuss whether anyone is cheating or not. It is well known that several players cheat. Some cheat 100 % while others vary between 5-100 %. There's nothing you can do against it. You can opt to resign or to use similiar (or the same) programs against those cheaters.

  • Crelo at 2009-01-09

    How can you make the difference between a cheater and a very good player? Doesn't using computer programes make a cheater yourself, if this is the problem?

    If Reversi is solved on 8x8 just play on 10x10 or even bigger boards.

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